Brand Safety Solution for Publishers
Brand safety matters more than ever. Stop jeopardizing your whole business with a few dangerous pages. Filter them and avoid domain-level blacklisting.
Automated Crawling
All content of the site is downloaded
AI Checks
Our algorithms assess all images and text in real-time
Human Verification
Moderators verify automated decisions to avoid false positives
Page Level Actions
Ad impressions are stopped on specific pages only
Why is brand safety important?
Over the last several years, brand safety standards became increasingly important in the advertising industry. After a series of scandals involving ads being shown alongside undesirable content, buyers started pulling budgets from sites that represent brand safety risk.

As most advertisers buy impressions across tens of thousands of sites, and it is very hard and expensive to monitor all the content, buyers usually maintain domain-level white and black-lists.

Having access a brand safety technology gives publishers an advantage, significantly reducing chances of being blocked by buyers.