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Global Custom HTML
Increase user engagement and advertising revenue with our easy-to-install, cloud-based mobile template.

Advanced technology ensures your site layout is optimized for each visitor - while features such as Instant Swipe help users to navigate your site more easily.
Speed up your mobile site with Prism
Super Speed
App-Like Experience
One-click Integrations
Advanced Monetization
"Speed is the most underrated element of user experience. You could invest in the best content and design in the world, but if it doesn't load before the user loses patience then it would have all been for nothing!"
App-like navigation
Help your visitors move around your site more easily with Prism's simple site-navigation features:
Together these lead to visitors spending longer on your site, viewing more of your content - and more ads.
Instant Swipe - helps readers jump quickly to the next article with a simple swipe of the screen
Related Articles - automatically add links to other relevant content at the end of an article
Infinite Scroll - load more articles as the reader gets to the bottom of the screen
Progressive Web App - let users access your site directly from their phone's home screen
Clickio automatically adjusts ad layouts to suit the device type and connection speed of each visitor - to eliminate unnecessary ad impressions, improve user experience and increase revenue.
Adaptive Ad Layout
Core Web Vitals
Site speed is now a key factor in Google's page rankings thanks to the introduction of Core Web Vitals. Prism's cutting-edge performance features make it easy for you to ensure you're compliant.
We constantly monitor publishers' Core Web Vitals using real user data, to make sure your performance stays consistent.
Lightweight HTML/CSS layout - for quicker loading
Image optimization - stops large images slowing down your site
Smart lazy loading - only show content as it's needed
Global CDN - brings your site closer to your users, so it loads quicker
Full-site caching (including HTML) - so less data has to be loaded each time
Average A/B test results compared to existing site - for all publishers trying Prism (as of 15 September 2021).
More engagement, higher revenues
Longer time on site
Higher session RPM
Prism removes the need for technical expertise or costly site development. The cloud-based template can be installed via a WordPress plugin or through CDN integration.

Either way, a dedicated account manager will be on hand to help you through the process and check everything is working correctly.
Easy setup
See what difference Prism can make to your site with a free one-month trial.

We'll set up an A/B test against your current site so you can monitor how each is performing - and if it doesn't work for you then there's no obligation to keep it.
Try it for free
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