Products and services that help sites grow. From ads to site speed to GDPR consent — we've got you covered.
The Tech Partner for Publishers
Full-stack advertising platform powered by artificial intelligence.
Site Performance
Speed up your site and increase user engagement.
Track the right metrics easily, in one place - with automated data integration
Gather consent, control Ads.txt and more.
Adaptive Ad Layout
Dynamic Demand Stack
Custom Implementations
AMP, Video, Native
Clickio Platform is an all-inclusive
monetization solution for publishers.
Improve Viewability, Yield and Site Speed reducing the number of ad units on the page. Clickio AI automatically place ad-units on your site based on content distribution, user behaviour, device and connection type.
The most premium and advanced demand in the market integrated and optimsed on your site via the latest technologies available. Clickio Dynamic Demand Stack analyses and optimises demand via Header Bidding, Open Bidding and S2S Bidding.
IAB ad formats customly integrated on your site to increase ad performance. Clickio custom integrations are designed specifically to boost ad viewability, impressions-per-users and RPMs.
Fastest technology combined with the most premium demand sounds good, right? Clickio AMP Technology allows publishers to quickly integrate Custom Ad Formats, access premium demand and monitor performance, within one unique solution.
Nearly instant page loading even on older devices and 3G. Reduce bounce rate and increase user satisfaction.
Super speed
Site Performance
Transform you website into a progressive web app, increasing speed, viewability and earnings.
Show less ads on slower devices and connections. Optimized by AI for viewability and speed.
Dynamic Layout
Swipe between articles, personalised content recommendations, instant content load.
Enhanced Navigation
Reach more users faster with the technology developed by Google.
Accelerated Mobile Pages
Give you visitor ability to install your app on the home screen. Provide notifications and offline access.
Progressive Web App
Unified Reporting brings all monetization and site performance data in one place.
Track performance across sessions, not just individual ads, to correctly understand the situation.
Data Integration
Combine data from all demand sources using our automatic API integrations.
Unified Dashboard
Simple but powerful reporting gives you clarity and keeps you up-to-date
Insightful Metrics
Following laws and industry initiatives is important for the success of your website.
GDPR Consent Tool
Comply with GDPR using Clickio Consent Management Tool. IAB approved.
Protect your site from being black-listed by advertisers due to risky content.
Make sure that you have the correct declarations with our Ads.txt manager.
Trusted by over 500 publishers
At all times I have felt that I have been dealing with real people who are invested in making the partnership a success. The GDPR consent tool provides an elegant solution to a difficult problem. Clickio ad units have increased revenue, but more important to me is the way that Clickio themselves are responsive to publishers and are proactive in suggesting ways in which the partnership can flourish.
We have been working with Clickio for a couple of years and we've found them to be a really easy, effective way of monetising our website. If we ever have any issues the support team get back to us almost immediately, so we're very happy with the partnership.
Clickio has been our partner for more than 2 years along with them have grown and experienced new products and developments in the area of digital monetization, they are always at the forefront of new trends and regulations.
Over the years of collaboration with Clickio, we have achieved a significant increase in profits. We are very happy not only with the platform, but also with their excellent support team.