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Unleash the most profitable monetization strategy for your website - with advanced data insights, enhanced user privacy and personalized support for publishers.
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At Clickio, we recognize the various challenges publishers face. Beyond offering an outstanding monetization solution, you can rely on us for site performance, compliance, and administration. Our mission? To streamline your journey with bespoke services addressing each need.
Premium Demand (Ad Exchange, Open Bidding, Header Bidding)
Viewability Optimization
High-impact Ads (Sticky, Video, Native)
Ads.txt Management
Automated A/B Testing
Automated Price Floor Optimization
Smart Ad Refresh
Dynamic Ad Layout
Direct Campaign Management
AdSense Mediation
Aggregated Payments
Dedicated account management
Up to NET5 payments
CLS-optimized ad layout
Infinite Scroll Integration
TCF 2.2 & Google Certification
Google AdSense / Ad Manager integration
Google Consent Mode v2
Built-in Cookie Paywall & Paywall Integration
A/B Testing
Multi-language support
Optimized vendor list
Monthly Unique User Reporting
Support and implementation services
Real-time reporting
Connectors to Google Analytics, AdSense, Ad Manager
Unified Reporting
Log-level Analytics (Pages, Premium Demand (Ad Exchange, Open Bidding, Header Bidding)
Traffic Sources, Authors
Web Vitals Monitoring
Performance alerts
Clickio Platform is an all-inclusive monetization solution for publishers.
Improve Viewability, Yield and Site Speed reducing the number of ad units on the page. Clickio AI automatically place ad-units on your site based on content distribution, user behaviour, device and connection type.
The most premium and advanced demand in the market integrated and optimsed on your site via the latest technologies available. Clickio Dynamic Demand Stack analyses and optimises demand via Header Bidding, Open Bidding and S2S Bidding.
Dynamic Demand Stack
Adaptive Ad Layout
Custom Implementations
IAB ad formats customly integrated on your site to increase ad performance. Clickio custom integrations are designed specifically to boost ad viewability, impressions-per-users and RPMs.
AMP, Video, Native
Fastest technology combined with the most premium demand sounds good, right? Clickio AMP Technology allows publishers to quickly integrate Custom Ad Formats, access premium demand and monitor performance, within one unique solution.
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Insightful Metrics
Track performance across sessions, not just individual ads, to correctly understand the situation.
Data Integration
Combine data from all demand sources using our automatic API integrations.
Unified Dashboard
Simple but powerful reporting gives you clarity and keeps you up-to-date.
Unified Reporting brings all monetization and site performance data in one place.
Core Web Vitals
Make sure you remain compliant with all three vitals by tracking your scores in real time - with page-level accuracy and instant alerts.
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