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Adaptive Ad Layout

Clickio Algorithm uses machine learning to constantly A/B test the best Ad Layouts, adapting to the most fundamental metrics required by the industry.

Our AI constantly scans content distribution and user behaviour as well as connection and device types, placing ad units in the most performing positions.
Content Structure

Our algorithms analyse the structure and length of every page, inserting ad units dynamically.

Ad units avoid being too close to images, existing ad placement and other critical elements on the page.

Optimal placement frequency, lazy-load and other settings are constantly A/B tested.
Device and Connection
Site speed and user experience are extremely important for any website.

Monetization should not obstruct user engagement by slowing down loading and interactions.

This is why Adaptive Layout detects technical characteristics such as device and connection speed, and adapts the ad layout accordingly.

Less ads are shown to users with slower connections and older, less capable devices.
Adaptive Layout helps you improve your site and increase yields.
Improved Viewability
Adaptive layout increases viewability and your site's reputation among buyers
Less Ads, More Revenue
Eliminating unnecessary placements improves overall site performance
Faster Site Loading
Less ads for slower devices and connections means better user experience
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