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Get a look at how our most popular ad formats are designed and behave on the page to enhance your site's performance, viewability, CPMs, and user experience.
with our high-impact ad formats
Smart Banner
These ads appear automatically at regular intervals within the main content of the page - meaning high viewability and CPMs.

Ad spacing, sizes and placements can be customized to suit the needs of your site.
Ads appear to "stick" to the top or bottom of the screen as the user scrolls - for excellent viewability and a great user experience.

Flexible options give you control over the ad position and behavior.
(Top and Bottom)
Horizontal Sticky
Vertical Sticky
This ad appears in the sidebar and stays on screen as the user scrolls down the page.

These ad units have high fill rates and can accommodate different ad sizes, leading to higher CPMs.

They can also be refreshed as the user scrolls (multi sticky) or appear on both sides of the screen (mirror sticky).
Multi sticky
Mirror sticky
Single sticky
Web Interstitial
Interstitial ads show up when a user clicks through from one page on a website to another, usually over the content of the new page.

They're difficult to miss, so tend to see high viewability and CTRs, and they don't take up any additional space on the page.
These high-viewability video ads show relevant, engaging content from premium demand sources, and can be implemented anywhere on the page.
Clickio Video
Header Ad
Header ads appear instantly at the top of the mobile screen - and resize once users start to interact with the content on the page.

This is a high viewability, engaging format that maintains a positive user experience and typically sees high CPMs.
We partner with Outbrain, a renowned leader in the native advertising industry, to deliver top-quality content that seamlessly blends organic and advertising elements. Our native advertising solutions provide readers with relevant and engaging content, enhancing their browsing experience while effectively promoting your brand.
High-Viewability Header
The High Viewability Header (HVH) is an innovative ad format designed to maximize viewability and boost earnings for above-the-fold (ATF) ad placements. With HVH, ads can adapt their behavior based on user interaction, ensuring optimal visibility and engagement. It offers both fixed and sticky states, making it a valuable tool for enhancing ad performance in ATF positions.
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