Clickio Platform is an all-in-one solution which connects publishers to premium demand partners. Our algorithms manage ad placements dynamically, optimising metrics publishers should otherwise manage manually.
A/B testing engine constantly improves ad layout, demand structure and monetization channels to provide publishers with the best performance possible.
Adaptive Ad Layout
Clickio Algorithm uses machine learning to constantly A/B test Ad Layouts, improving all the most fundamental metrics required by the industry.

Our AI scans content distribution and user behaviour as well as connection and device types, placing ad units in the optimal positions.
All Clickio features are implemented with a single header code that integrates Google Ad Manager, Header Bidding (Prebid.js and Amazon TAM), adaptive ad layout, and dynamic demand stack.
Dynamic Demand Stack
Clickio publishers access the most premium demand partners in the market via the best performing channels such as Google Ad Manager, Open Bidding, Header Bidding and Server-to-Server bidding. Dynamic Demand Stack technology uses machine learning to analyze demand partners and channels, and select partner combinations that show the best performance.
Personal Support
Whether it is related to an issue on the site, advice on strategy or a simple question on the industry trends, your personal account manager will be on hand to help.
Publisher Platform
Clickio Publisher platform provides access to real-time reporting and ad unit settings.

With unified reporting and metrics that combine monetization and user experience, it is easy to be on top of the situation.
Unified Billing
Get one monthly payment for all the advertising in a way and currency that is convenient for you. Clickio takes care of collecting funds from demand sources, discrepancy management and conversions.
Emerging formats
Don't miss out on emerging formats when monetizing your site.
Increase Accelerated Mobile Page revenue with advanced solutions such as layout testing and server-side header bidding.
Premium video monetization for video players (in-stream) and articles (out-stream).
Increase revenue and engagement with high-quality native placements.