Discover the power of analytics that combines user experience and monetization metrics.
Track metrics that count.
Holistic Metrics
It is important to keep track of both your monetization and user experience
Data Consolidation
We collect and standardize data across dozens of demand sources
Unified Dashboard
Simple but powerful reporting gives you clarify and keeps you up-to-date
Data Export
The unified data set can be easily exported to CSV/XLS for further analysis
Introducing Session RPM
What is the best metric when it comes to monetization?

eCPM of individual ad units is often unreliable, because different ad placements on the page influence each other.

Page RPM, or aggregate performance of all ad units on the page, shows a clearer picture. Consider, however, a test when additional ad units are added to the page. Page RPM might go up, but session depth might go down, resulting in overall revenue loss.

We think that Session RPM, or the revenue earned per 1000 user sessions, is the most practical and reliable metric. It takes into account both user experience and monetization performance.

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