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The First CMP
with Built-in Paywall
  • "Consent or Subscribe" model available for everyone
  • One-click paywall activation
  • Recover advertising revenue and earn on subscriptions
  • Subscription payments are managed by Clickio
Clear User Choice, Simple Payment Management
Consent or Subscribe
Consent rates are declining in Europe because of stricter rules
"Consent or Subscribe" model presents a clear choice for the users in the first layer of the GDPR dialog. It can increase consent rates, advertising revenue and open up an additional source of revenue
"Consent or Pay" model is adopted by the leading publishers across Europe
How to activate the paywall?
Enable "Built-in Paywall" in your Consent settings
Set up a monthly subscription price
Go live and see your consent rates and subscription revenue improve!
How does this work for visitors?
Your visitors who do not want to give consent for personalized advertising will be able to create a subscription account and make a payment right in the CMP Dialog, with no technical integration required.
Payment and technical support is provided by Clickio Consent.
How much does it cost?
£35 / month + Transaction Costs (5%+£0.25)
More than 5M pageviews/month
Up to 5M pageviews/month
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