Ads.txt Verification
Make sure that your Ads.txt setup is optimal with our automated verification tool.
Automated Checks
Existing Ads.txt files are downloaded and validated 24/7/365
Get alerted about serious issues, such as incorrect declarations of major buyers
Learn about new demand sources and revenue opportunities
Download a fully ready Ads.txt file or delegate hosting to us.
What is Ads.txt?
Ads.txt is a text file stored in the main folder of a website that contains the list of companies authorized to sell the site's inventory. IAB Tech Lab released this standard in May 2017 in order to combat ad fraud by means of something able to "certify" the authenticity of advertising spaces.

Ads.txt solves this problem in a very simple way: it just lists all the platforms that are authorized to sell a publisher's inventory.

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Why is Ads.txt Important?
Ads.txt can improve the monetization of your properties: making public the names of your legitimate sellers, this tool certifies your inventory as authentic, and gives it the value it deserves.

Many DSPs limit their ad purchases to the websites that provide ads.txt files. So, if your website doesn't provide one, it could be excluded by a growing number of potential buyers, with possible negative consequences on your ad revenues.