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The fastest way to activate
Google Consent Mode v2
  • Comply with Google's EU user consent policy and continue to gather valuable data, even when consent is not granted
  • Advertising to European users? Keep your Google Ads and Analytics running smoothly by activating Consent Mode v2 today
  • Clickio is a Google-certified solution that offers seamless integration with Consent Mode v2
Trusted by over 2000 publishers
How to activate?
Enable Consent Mode v2
Simply enable the feature in the settings
Choose your Vendors
Choose vendors that are relevant to your site, including Google
Configure your GDPR Consent banner is a few easy steps
Create a GDPR Consent Banner
Install the tag
Place the Javascript tag on the page, including Google's Consent Mode config
You are live!
Enjoy all the benefits of Consent Mode v2
What is Consent Mode v2?
Consent Mode v2 expands on Consent Mode v1 and adds additional parameters related to the use of user's data for advertising and ad personalization. It was introduced in November 2023 and is mandatory starting from March 2024.
Consent Mode v2 adjusts the way Google Ads and Google Analytics tags behave depending on the user's privacy choices. It allows marketers to keep collecting data in privacy-preserving ways for users who do not give consent.
What is Consent Management Platform?
Consent Management Platforms are services designed specifically to collect privacy decisions from users, securely store them and communicate them to other vendors such as Google and hundreds of other vendors.
Clickio is a Google and IAB certified CMP, which fully supports both Consent Mode v2 and IAB's Transparency and Consent Framework. It has built-in integration with more than 1500 vendors.
How much does it cost?
£10 / site / month
Over 5M pageviews/month
Up to 5M pageviews/month
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