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Maximize Revenue,
Minimize Hassle
Supercharge your revenues with Clickio Monetization Platform
  • Ad Exchange, Header Bidding, Open Bidding
  • Price Floor optimization
  • Smart Ad Refresh
  • User friendly interface
  • Consent Management Platform
Boost CPMs and user experience with our Smart Banners, Horizontal Stickies, Vertical Stickies, Web Interstitials, Clickio Videos, Thumbnail Ads, and Header Ads.
Explore our top-performing ad formats that ensure maximum viewability and engagement.
High-Performance Ad Formats
Selected partners
Access a wide range of premium demand partners via Google Ad Manager, Open Bidding, Header Bidding and Server-to-Server bidding.

Dynamic Demand Stack technology uses artificial intelligence to automatically select those that show the best performance.
Premium Demand Partners Ad Formats
Our technology automatically adjusts these variables depending on the device type and connection speed of your visitors.
We constantly test different ad sizes, page layouts and bid types to help you get the most from your site.
Adaptive Ad Layout
Example: connection speed
Full compliance with the policies of Google and other ad exchanges, ensuring the right timeouts and publisher declarations.
Integrated into Prebid and Amazon TAM auctions, our algorithm adjusts pricing on every refresh, guaranteeing maximum CPM.
Smart Ad Refresh automatically refreshes ad units, increases your earnings while maintaining high quality of inventory.
Reload ads only when viewable to maximize revenue
Smart Ad Refresh
Number of impressions
Compliance and Declarations
Dynamic pricing
Demand Partners
Clickio Smart Ad refresh
Ad refresh implementation
Incorrect Setup
Seamless Integration
Unlock the full potential of monetization with a single header code. Connect to premium demand sources such as Google Ad Manager, Header Bidding (powered by Prebid.js and Amazon TAM), and Open Bidding. Benefit from our dynamic ad formats, and let our intuitive dashboard present results with unmatched clarity and precision.
with Clickio 360.js
Clickio empowers you with a range of powerful, user-friendly analytics tools that merge diverse data sources to drive sustainable business growth.
Stay ahead with real-time insights into your website's vital performance metrics. Our advanced analytics platform offers you the advantage of instant access to critical data, ensuring you can make informed decisions promptly.
Gain valuable insights into top-performing pages, authors, categories, devices, geographic regions, and browsers. Clickio Data Insights provides you with the precision needed to refine your content strategy and maximize revenue.
Comprehensive Analytics
Experience the power of integrated reports that seamlessly merge data from Google Analytics 4, AdSense, and Ad Manager, enhancing our advanced analytics platform.
Fast and Reliable Payments
Receive a single monthly payment for all your advertising needs. Whether you prefer a local bank transfer, wire transfer, PayPal, or Payoneer, we've got you covered. Clickio ensures hassle-free collections from every demand source and resolves any discrepancies on your behalf. Your earnings will land directly into your bank account in no time.
Automated price floor optimization can boost earnings by 20-120%, while also reducing the number of ads on a page, leading to a better user experience.
Individual Ad Units
Page / Category
Typical Uplift
Seasonality & Time
-20% to 5%
AI Managed
Clickio's Price Floor Optimization uses AI algorithms and log-level data to set the optimal price floors for each user, page, and impression. This system is particularly effective for high-traffic placements. However, smaller sites can also benefit from an automated pricing approach offered by Clickio.
Price Floor Optimization
Real people,
From day one, our friendly experts are committed to ensuring your success. We offer a swift and straightforward onboarding process, establish rapid and transparent connections with top demand partners, and guarantee the delivery of the most efficient and rewarding ads.

Whether you wish to discuss your strategy, get some doubts answered, or stay updated on the latest industry trends, a member of our team is always at hand to provide outstanding customer service in the language of your choice.
Excellent support
Plug in your AdSense account to guarantee maximum revenues.
Maximize your revenue effortlessly with AdSense Mediation on the Clickio Platform. Plug in your AdSense account and let our smart tech do the heavy lifting.
AdSense goes head-to-head with Clickio's demand partners
Auto-allocates to the top-performing demand source.
Compete to Win:
Plays well with Google Ad Exchange, Header Bidding, and Open Bidding.
Google AdSense Mediation
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