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Clickio makes it easy to access the best bids from multiple premium demand partners - and manage all your advertising from one platform.
Our advanced algorithms adjust ad placements dynamically, using machine learning to maximize your revenue, site performance and user experience.
We constantly test different ad sizes, page layouts and bid types to help you get the most from your site.

Our technology automatically adjusts these variables depending on the device type and connection speed of your visitors.
Adaptive Ad Layout
Easy to implement - with 360.js
All Clickio features are implemented with a single header code that integrates Google Ad Manager, Header Bidding (Prebid.js and Amazon TAM), adaptive ad layout and dynamic demand stack.
Dynamic Demand Stack
Access a wide range of premium demand partners via Google Ad Manager, Open Bidding, Header Bidding and Server-to-Server bidding.

Dynamic Demand Stack technology uses artificial intelligence to automatically select those that show the best performance.
Unified Billing
Get one monthly payment for all advertising, in a format and currency convenient for you. Clickio takes care of collecting funds from all demand sources, as well as managing any discrepancies.
Our advanced analytics platform brings together data from dozens of demand partners, as well as Google Analytics - making it easy to keep track of your ad revenue and key site performance indicators in real time.
Real-time reporting
Whether it's related to an issue on the site, advice on strategy or a simple question on industry trends, your personal account manager will be on hand to help.
Personal Support
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